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Vital Data: Simmesport, Louisiana

Simmesport, Louisiana is located in Avoyelles county, and has a population of 2060, and exists within the greater metropolitan area. The median age is 29, with 19.8% of the residents under 10 years old, 17.6% are between ten-nineteen years old, 14.5% of inhabitants in their 20’s, 9.6% in their 30's, 7.4% in their 40’s, 14.4% in their 50’s, 7.2% in their 60’s, 6% in their 70’s, and 3.7% age 80 or older. 39.4% of residents are men, 60.6% women. 33.2% of citizens are reported as married married, with 9.3% divorced and 44.4% never married. The % of women and men recognized as widowed is 13.1%.